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I write because I have a story to tell and I will surely burst if I don't.

I thought writing a novel would be so simple all I needed to do was put my story down. But that is like finger painting, fun in an indisciplined sort of way whereas crafting a novel is like learning to paint with oils-I needed to understand the medium and the techniques.

The name of debut my novel is "Teatime for the Firefly".

I started out by writing a simple story set in a remote tea plantation in India. But the novel, morphed into a sweeping epic saga set against the backdrop of the 1940's -a turbulent era of India's history. I have just coughed up my first draft. It was painful, exhilarating and ultimately liberating. I am out of the fog, but not out of the woods. Working on my editing now. This is actually the part I enjoy the most.

I love sitting with my pot of tea and the morning stretched out before me. Writing is a luxury for me because I have a day job. I am a graphic designer (Need a logo anybody? Check out my website) I love people, food and stories. I live in Fountain Hills, Arizona with my husband of 16 years and eleven plants: we are one big happy family.

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Laurie McLean
Laurie McLean

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To: marta

"Oh, Butterfly Tree - it's a beautiful thought!"

To: Jonaki

"Hello dear fellow writers! Here is the link to synopsis..."

To: Jonaki

"Hi Marta! What is a firefly tree? Please post a..."

To: Jonaki

"Wow wish I was going to SFWC this year! Who's..."

To: Jonaki

"BOOO-hooooo-hoooo-hooo! Hey JinJin- how's the purse puppy?  I am doing..."

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Hi Jonaki

Thank you for accepting my friend request. Looking forward to connecting!

Hi Jonaki, I meant butterfly tree and a little quote that inspired it: butterflytree set me free, free to be me. It evolved from the idea of loving with an open hand, as if love is a butterfly landing on the hand, if the hand is closed it can crush the butterflies' wings and the butterfly will never fly again.created at: 03/01/2012

Hello dear fellow writers! Here is the link to synopsis and first chapter of my novel Teatime for the Firefly Please give me your feeback. How is everybody's writing going? 

Hi Marta! What is a firefly tree? Please post a pix. Looking forward to getting to know you.


Hi Jonaki, look forward to meeting you, thanks for the friendship, Love the tile of  you novel, I have a fireflytree!



Wow wish I was going to SFWC this year! Who's going? Where are you all with your writing?

Hey Shona! I wanted to share with you my editor's name. She's incredibly good at tightening up plot and increasing depth of characters. She is also way less expensive than the top shots we had access to at the conference. Her name is Lauren Sweet out of Portland Oregon. She did a huge, detailed report of my 500+ page manuscript for $1300.00. Sometimes having a professional second pair of eyes that are fresh is the most productive use of resources. Hope all is well with you! Mikko

Sir Trouser is most happy to be free of the purse! Though he said he missed the king size bed, as do I! i had no choice at the time but to bring him, made it difficult for me for sure, but I'm glad I went. I'm glad to hear you will survive as will I! 

keep in touch, happy or sad



Hey JinJin- how's the purse puppy? 

I am doing some hair-tearing with the writing, that's true. But I shall survive.


don't be blue! Iv'e been making art my entire life and always, even at SFWC, was told I was not creative enough or not bla bla enough, dont let a cannon with a chocolate smudged cheek tell you what you have is not good enough. An editor is the savior, one who does not change your'e voice, but makes it clear. And that is not easy to find but they live, and are kind. Dont be blue Jonaki or worry, your story is as good as everyones. its all smoke and mirrors my dear, we are all so amazing and beautiful, don't be judged but an old cannon ball. language of feelings can be heard by the true. Funny all the stories of writers shot down by the very same that shoot at you. Don't be blue, the same thing to the others CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!!

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