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San Francisco Writers University is your place to connect, learn and thrive in your writing career. So please explore, enjoy and expand your horizons with our classes, blogs, posts, and events. Welcome to your hub on the internet for writing.

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New Classes Added Weekly!

We're adding new classes all the time so make sure to check back often!

  * The Book Deal with Alan Rinzler

  * How to Blog a Book with Nina Amir

  * The Writer's Toolkit with Ransom Stephens

Live Events!

LIVE CLASSES! Experience San Francisco Writers University @ Keplers Books in Menlo Park. http://www.keplers.com/classes-keplers

* Playwriting Workshop with Carol Wolf: Saturday, January 26, 10 am to noon and Sunday, January 27, 1-4 pm ($99) TWO SESSIONS; ONE PRICE.

* How to Write Books That Inspire Change with Nina Amir: Saturday, February 23, 1-4 pm ($99)

* Top Ten Problems in Submitting Your Work and How to Fix Them with Alan Rinzler: Saturday, March 16, 1-4 pm ($99)

* The Ten Essential Elements of a Successful Writing Career: Creating a Literary Ecosystem with Michael Larsen: Saturday, April 13, 1 -4 pm ($99)

* The Three Stages of Memoir Writing: From Memory to Memoir with Linda Joy Myers: Saturday, May 11th 1-4 pm ($99)

Premium Classes on Craft, Commerce and Community!

These classes are available 24/7 exactly when you need help with a writing problem, sage marketing advice from the experts or inspiration to keep going. We've made these classes affordable, accessible and valuable so you know where to come for assistance with any stage of your writing career. 

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